Patient Fund

The Patient Fund is financial donations from patients for anything that the practice needs, that is not considered essential items. The Partners have to supply everything that is essential to the Practice.

In the last year the donations have been used to buy

1) A wheelchair- for the use in practice.

2) A Doppler - That is used by the District Nurses for our patients in the community allowing better care to be provided.

3) Diabetic Magazines - for newly diagnosed Diabetics.

4) Paediatric Pulse Oximeters as well as adult ones. (A pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly monitors the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood)

5) A new set of digital scales and height measure for the practice nurses - as they also measure the patients BMI and have a higher range than normal scales.

We would like to thank all the patients that have donated and if you would like to donate anything please pass your donation to reception. Also if you have anything that you think would enhance patient care, then let us know and if/when we have enough donations then it will be requested.



All donations given to the practice are spent in obtaining instriments used for the patient care. these will be above and beyond what is routinely required for a GP practice to supply.



Over the last 18 months the pratice has supplied a Dopler for the District Nurses to use for Kennoway medical Group patients.

This is what the DN (District Nurses) said about it.........

Within district nursing a large percentage of our workload is wound management. To allow a holistic assessment to be undertaken, we are required in certain patients to undertake a Doppler assessment. Therefore it is a great advantage that the Kennoway Practice now has its own Practice Doppler Machine. This allows for a more rapid response as we no longer have to borrow the area's Doppler Machine. Ultimately promoting a quicker assessment response time and therefore ensuring the patient gets the correct treatment as quickly as possible.




On the 1st October 2011 the NHS withdrew the use of the Practices Syringe Driver in favour of a different type, this was Fife wide. During December 2011 we raised funds through the Flu day and selling raffle tickets for the new syring driver. The total cost of a new Syring Driver is £1195. on the 29/12/2011 we have £803.

This Syringe Driver will be used again by District Nurses for the patients of the practice to again ensure that they get the correct treatment as quickly as possible.

The new McKinley Syringe Driver which has been purchased by Kennoway Medical Group, is an electronic pump which delivers medication to patients who are terminally ill. Many people think that they are used at the end satge of their illness, but they can be used at any stage during their illness. The syringe drivers can be used for patients who are suffering from nausea and vomiting and are unable to take oral medication. They are also used to control pain. It is well used to allow the patient comfort and dignity, and gives reassurance to family members.

The practice would like to thank all it's patients for their kind donations to the Flu Day and the raffles and fundraising that surrounded the Flu Day. This enabled us to raise a total of £845 which was put towards the purchase of the McKinley syringe driver, which helps us give our patients the best possible care.
The Distric Nurses really appreciate the opportunity to have a syringe driver available for all Kennoway Medical Group patients. 



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